The point of this correspondence is simple: If you have an electric gate on your Volente property, you need a Knox-Box Rapid Entry System.

Why? The reason is also simple - to help save your life and property.
In the event of a fire or medical emergency on your property, our responders need to get on site as quickly as possible. Seconds count. Seconds can mean the difference in saving or losing what is most dear to you. We cannot help you if we cannot reach you.

Knox-Box is reliable. Volente VFD is one of more than 7,500 fire departments nationwide that have adopted the Knox-Box system. Other users include the fire departments of City of Austin, Cedar Park and Leander.

Knox-Box is secure. All Knox-Box devices used in Volente are uniquely keyed to the two Volente VFD Knox keys. The two VVFD keys are securely locked within department vehicles and can only be released by radio signal from our dispatch service, at which time a log entry of the release is made.

Knox-Box is necessary for all electric gates. VVFD cannot and will not be responsible for access codes (see VVFD policy attached). Nor can VVFD risk damaging a vehicle or injuring personnel if you are unable or unavailable to open your gate during an emergency. If you fail to provide Knox-Box access for your gate, you are accepting a serious and unnecessary risk. This correspondence is considered notice to you of that risk.

Knox-Box is not expensive. The typical gate installation involves a Knox Key Switch ($95.00) and installation by your gate company/installer (usually about $200). A brochure is enclosed and a list of installers, photos of an installation, etc. can be found at www.volente.org. Other Knox products can be utilized as well to provide the department with access to homes, manual gates, etc. For more information on all Knox products see www.knoxbox.com.

How do you order a Knox-Box product for your gate, home or business in Volente? If your gate company is an authorized Knox distributor, you can purchase directly from them. If not, the VVFD Auxiliary will confirm your Knox-Box order with you by phone or email, order the device and even deliver it to you when received from the Knox Company. You can pay us when it is delivered. We will be happy to talk to your gate installer before, during and after the installation. VVFD personnel will test the device for proper operation when installed.

There is no excuse not to have Knox-Box access for your gate.
Order your Knox-Box today. Contact (Volente, Texas ONLY):
Lonnie Moore
Volente VFD Auxiliary
512-996-0443 FAX

Enclosures: VVFD Policy adopted 5/9/2005; Knox Company brochure (gate access)