This installation of a Knox 3502 key switch on Booth Circle begins by mounting a weatherproof electrical box near the gate control panel.
The box should be weatherproof and must be at least 2.25" deep to accommodate the Knox key switch.

The finished product - 2-conductor wiring routed from key switch into gate control panel.After installation, Volente VFD tests the gate operation using one of two secure Knox-Box keys.


This installation on Joy Road utilized a gate-company supplied fire access box*. Entry to the box is secured by a VVFD-supplied Knox-Box padlock.
During operation, the VVFD personnel remove the padlock and open the panel door, providing access to home keys inside the box AND automatically opening the electric gate by means of a micro-switch within the panel box.

*Manufacturer: American Access Systems, Inc.

This installation on FM 2769 utilizes a 3200-series Knox-Box key box in a recessed configuration. It was installed during the building of the rock wall and can hold multiple keys.
This model can be equipped to automatically open the electric gate when opened by emergency personnel.
These models, and the smaller residential versions, are also available in surface mount configurations.
This installation of a 3502 key swich did not utilize a separate weatherproof electrical box. Instead, the key switch was mounted directly into the sheet-metal gate operator control box.