Installation Methods For House Number Signs In Volente

Examples of Mounting
Note that the numbering is down one edge of the sign, so that it can be mounted on the rear side of a post and still be seen from either direction. Also note that on all Volente address signs, the background will be blue instead of green.

Front of post
Rear of post
Bracket mount on fence post or gate post
Metal stake w/bolts


The sign comes with two pre-drilled holes (on each edge) that you can use to attach the sign. We recommend 2- #10 x 1 inch self-tapping sheet metal screws when going into wood, sheet metal or plastic. Use 2- 3/16" x 1.5 inch Tapcon if going into brick, block or stone. Or use 2- #10 x 1" machine screws (24 thread) with lock washers and nuts when going into metal bar. The sign should overlap the mounting post or bracket by 1/2 inch. The following shows several ways to install the house number signs.

Self-tapping screws
Masonry screws
Machine screws with nuts
Angle brackets