Volente Volunteer Fire Department Policy
Regarding Structures Which Are Not Accessible To Fire Department Apparatus
Adopted May 9, 2005 by VVFD Board Of Directors

The Volente Volunteer Fire Department acknowledges that many private homes and commercial occupancies are secured by electronic gates for security purposes. These gates however, during an emergency situation, such as a medical emergency or a fire, also prevent Fire Department apparatus from being placed in a position to allow emergency personnel to address the emergency. The Department therefore strongly recommends that any property with an electronic gate should have a Knox-Box emergency secure access system attached on or next to the gate, to permit emergency personnel to access the subject property with the necessary emergency apparatus. In the event that a Knox box is not in place for use by emergency personnel, then the property owner, must be aware that they are accepting that they have seriously increased the risk of loss of life to themselves, their family members and neighbors as well as to their own property and the property of others. The Volente Volunteer Fire Department cannot accept or be responsible for entry codes or keys, either before or during an emergency.

In an emergency situation, the department's policy requires that each emergency volunteer or member of the department in an emergency situation first assess the health risks and safety of themselves and their fellow emergency personnel, prior to actually addressing the emergency situation. Emergency personnel must then take all reasonable steps, given their level of skill and their available equipment (without jeopardizing their own health or safety or the health or safety of others) to prevent human pain, suffering, deaths, injuries and exposures to hazardous conditions. Thereafter, if and only if, emergency apparatus and equipment can be used by emergency personnel safely and in such a way that does not destroy or damage the department's apparatus or equipment, then such apparatus or equipment will be used to reduce the property loss or property damage to property owned or used by those within the department's territorial jurisdiction.